About Us

SimbirIT is software development company established in 2007.

Since then we are working in IT-market helping our clients to fulfill their needs, design their products and implement projects.

Our employees participated in multiple projects in various areas like Telecommunication, Education, Governmental Sector, ERP systems, Mobile Apps, etc., with the usage of the wide range of technologies: Java/J2EE, PHP, Python, Javascript, Android/iOS/WindowsPhone.

We are here to do anything about your project, but get IT done!

  • Software development

    This is the main reason why we are here, and most probably the main reason why you have come to us...

    Year after year our business is to create software for whatever needs our customers may have. We are:
    - keen to transparent and goal oriented approach, that helps us cooperate with clients.

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  • Software testing

    Software Testing and Quality Assurance is vitally important part of software creation process. We have huge expertise in it including but not limited to the following areas:

    - Development of test strategy and throughout test approach even when it's not evident how to verify the functionality;

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  • Dedicated Team

    Dedicated Team is one of the most effective approaches of cooperation with our customers. We have several examples of successful building of Offshore Development Centers (ODC) for various US and European companies.

    ODC model allows us to establish all required processes and gain maximum productivity and cost effectiveness.

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